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Cancellation insurance

Summary of policy Coverages

Cancellation Fee

The insurance company guarantees that, up to the limit established in the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS, the refund of the cancellation fee for the registration fee for the  Policyholder for a sports event is in charge of the insurance company and is to be invoiced in accordance to the conditions of registration of the competition, including management expenses. After the contracts confirmation, the Policyholder can only cancel their participation due to one of the reasons below which have a direct impact to the Policyholder and prevent him/her from joining the event.

Refunds Policy

Refunds may be requested until the day before the celebration of the event using the following link.

1. Death or hospitalization

Due to death or hospitalization for at least one night from a serious illness or serious physical accident:

  • Of the Policyholder or someone from her/his family, established in the General Conditions of the Policy
  • Of the person in charge during the trip of the Policyholder, of the custody, in the habitual residence, of the minor or diminished children.
  • Of the direct substitute of the Policyholder, provided that this circumstance prevents Policyholder from participating in the event by him/her company’s requirement.


2.Serious disease

In relation to the Policyholder, “Serious illness” means health disorder which requires hospitalization or staying in bed within 7 days prior to the trip, and with which their medical condition makes it impossible to participate in the event on the scheduled date


3.Serious accidents

“Serious accident” means bodily harm, unintended by the victim, arising from a sudden action of external cause and which, in the opinion of a medical professional, makes it impossible for the Policyholder to participate on the scheduled date, or carries a risk of death for any aforementioned relatives.

When the disease affects any of the aforementioned persons, other than the Policyholder, it will be understood as serious when it implies a minimum hospitalization for one night or the need of keeping in bed for at least  3 days, or entails a risk of imminent death



Any muscle or other injury that prevents the Policyholder from participating in the sports competition. In order for the Insurer’s Medical Services to assess whether the extent of that injury is cause for annulment, the Policyholder must provide the appropriate documentation that proves it (for example, NMR Ultrasound or Electromyography or TAC that allows for assessment of the integrity of the fibrillar rupture of the muscles).



  • 5.1 The call for the Policyholder as a party, a witness or a jury in a civil, criminal, labor Court.
  • 5.2 The call as a member of a polling station for state, regional or municipal elections
  • 5.3 The presentation for an exam of an official position of a public organization after the registration of the Policyholder. This presentation can either be as an opponent or a member of the court.


6.Serious damages in his/her house or workplace

Serious damage caused by fire, explosion, theft or by force of nature, in his/her primary or secondary residence or in his workplace if the Policyholder works as a freelancer or CEO and his presence is absolutely  necessary



Due to the dismissal of the Policyholder. This guarantee doesn’t come into effect by termination of the employment contract, voluntary resignation or the failure in the probationary period. Only in the case of when the Policyholder has signed the contract with the insurance company before the written communication by the company to the worker.


8.Incorporation of a new job

The incorporation of a new job, which is different from the previous company with an employment contract longer than one year, and occurs after the registration of the event and insurance’s subscription.


9.Income statement

Declaration of  income which is made in parallel by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which causes an amount to be paid by the Policyholder for over €600



Act of air, land or naval piracy that makes it impossible for the insured to begin their trip on the dates scheduled to participate in the sporting event.



Call for surgical intervention of the Policyholder, as well as medical tests prior to mentioned intervention(includes organ transplant as recipient or donor).



Call for medical tests of the Policyholder or first-degree or second-degree relatives, made by the Public Health Department on an urgent basis, provided that they are justified by the seriousness of the case.


13.Pregnancy complications

Serious complications in the period of pregnancy, by medical prescription, oblige the Policyholder or his/her couple or person who is living with him/her to take a rest or seek hospitalization. These complications which put at risk of continuity or the necessary development of the aforementioned pregnancy have to occur after the contract of the policy is confirmed.



Police retention of the Policyholder, occurring after the insurance subscription, which coincides with the dates of the sporting event.



Judicial summons for the divorce process that occurs after the subscription of the event registration and coincides with the date of the event.



Urgently required to join the armed forces, police or fire services, as long as the incorporation is notified after the insurance subscription.

In any case, this guarantee must be contracted on the day of the reservation confirmation.

Specific exclusions of the guarantee of cancellation fees REGISTRATION to a sporting event


They are not covered by this warranty:

In addition to what is indicated in Article 7 Exclusions of these General Conditions of the insurance, they DO NOT GUARANTEE THE REFUND OF THE REGISTRATION TO THE SPORTS EVENT that have these excuses:

  • Cosmetic surgery, cure,  contraindication of air travel, the lack or contraindication of vaccination, the impossibility of following the recommended medicinal treatment, the voluntary interruption of pregnancies, alcoholism, drug addicts, unless they have been prescribed by a doctor and was consuming as indicated.
  • Psychic, mental or nervous disease and depressions without hospitalization or excuse of hospitalization of less than seven days. Pre-existing chronic diseases and illness, including their consequences
  • Participation in bets, contests, duels, crimes, quarrels, except for cases of legitimate defense.
  • Epidemics, pandemics, medical quarantine, pollution and natural disasters both in the country of origin and in the country of travel destination.
  • War (Civil or foreign), declared or not, riots, popular movements, acts of terrorism, all effects of a source of radioactivity, as well as the conscious non-observance of official prohibitions.
  • g) The non-presentation for any reason of the essential documents for the whole trip, such as passport, visa, tickets, card or vaccination certificate.
  • h) The malicious acts, as well as intentionally caused self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide.